Exhibition Graphic Design for Affordable Housing Project

Imaginations of Home

Inspired by Boston’s triple-deckers, the exhibition puts on display the work of architects, planners, students, and youth imagining affordable housing in Boston.


Design an exhibition for the Boston Society of Architecture to act as a container and showcase of student projects and professional proposals around affordable housing.


Exhibition graphic designer


Joelle Riffle


Advanced Imaging (Fabricators)


Exhibition graphic design
Exhibition graphic design


The Boston Society for Architecture is a membership organization committed to improving the quality of life for Boston-area residents by championing innovation in the built environment.

The look and feel of the exhibition is lively and inviting, like your own friendly neighborhood. We didn’t want to the graphics to feel institutional or unwelcoming to anyone but architects.

The exhibition needed to hang in the BSA’s multi-functional learning and working spaces. We chose corrugated cardboard panels hanging on a flexible STAAS system to display graphics.

There are three different sections of the exhibition, each of which has a distinct but overall cohesive color scheme. The design across the galleries is tied together by the vertical triple-decker inspired panel design.