Custom Website Design for Writer

Nakia Hill

An intentional, moody, and minimalist website design for a writer focused on healing and advocacy.


Design a website for Nakia Hill to act as a CV, portfolio, shop, and expression of her personal brand.


Website Designer


Joelle Riffle


Portraits by Paper Monday


Website, made in Webflow
Website, made in Webflow


Nakia Hill is a Boston-born author, poet, editor, communications director, and educator.

Nakia brings a special and careful attention to everything she does, every interaction she’s part of. Her website needed to capture her vibe — cool but always warm.

The ethereal studio portraits by Paper Monday bring wholeness and beauty to a clean and simple design.

There is so much that Nakia does and does beautifully that I knew I wanted to find a way to both clarify what she offers and make room for expansiveness as her work grows.