Brochure Design for Art Gallery

Boston Center for the Arts 1:1 Foldout Poster Design

A poster design offers portals into artists work for exhibition series at a Boston gallery


Chosen as the BCA 2022-2023 guest graphic designer for the 1:1 Mills Gallery series, I designed a series of four posters featuring portals, windows, or frames into each of the featured artists’ work.


Brochure Design for Art Gallery


Joelle Riffle



Four fold-out poster/ brochure series
Four fold-out poster/ brochure series


The Boston Center for the Arts is a hub for visual and performing arts in Boston, located in the South End. The 1:1 exhibition series pairs one curator and one artist for shows in their Mills Gallery.

Each cover uses the same overall structure while the typography, color, paper stock, and graphic motifs shift.

The brochure folds out to reveal a poster.

The series’ concept of portals and frames around the use of architecture and public space in Anukriti’s pieces.

Brooke Stewart incorporates elements relevant to her portrait sitters work and life in the paper on which she prints her work. I suggest samples of the paper and portraits in the poster for her show.

Cedric Harper uses a signature heavyweight stencil font as text throughout his work.

Inspired by the nets and camouflage concepts used in Mimi Bai’s Hide and See show.