Branded Social Media Graphics and Campaign for Nonprofit

The Waterfront: Yours to Enjoy and Explore

A social media and outreach campaign to bring Boston residents to the city’s waterfront


Design a branded campaign and digital graphics for a waterfront access initiative.


Nonprofit campaign graphic designer


Joelle Riffle



Posters, social media graphics, one-pagers, stickers
Posters, social media graphics, one-pagers, stickers


The American City Coalition (TACC) is a nonprofit organization grounded in an inclusive, comprehensive, and collaborative approach to neighborhood revitalization.

TACC popped up at Boston neighborhood events all summer long, spreading the word about all the ways resident’s can access the waterways, which is all of our right! These stickers are a fun freebie for anyone who stops by, and a great reminder about some of the fun activities you can do on Boston’s waterways.

“The Waterfront: Yours to Enjoy and Explore” is a campaign backed by Boston Waterfront Partners, a coalition of organizations, including my client The American City Coalition “working toward a public, accessible, and welcoming waterfront.” The design for the report “Waterways: Connecting Residents of Roxbury and Dorchester to Boston’s Waterfront” prioritizes readability.

Social media graphic slideshows illustrate key components of Chapter 91 which protects our rights to access the waterfront.

Neighborhood guides and signage for the Facilities of Public Accommodation point out places where visitors can access features from restrooms to dock access.